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Welcome to Promo Printing…where we add a splash of personality to your team’s wardrobe! We’re not just garment printers; we’re your partners in crime for boosting confidence, creating unforgettable memories, and igniting team spirit.

We create confidence: Strut in style with our confidence-boosting prints and uniforms that will give your team a sense of confidence and belonging. Because who says work uniforms can’t be your secret weapon?

We create memories: We’re in the business of making memories stick—literally! From company milestones to team shenanigans, we print the stories you’ll want to wear. Printed event tees bring back memories and emotions.

We create team spirit:  Consider us your spirit gurus. Our prints aren’t just logos; they’re high-fives and team chants. Whether it’s a bold logo, a motivational slogan, or a custom design that captures your values, our garments foster a sense of belonging, turning a group of individuals into a united force.


So now that you know what we do, get in contact and let us help create something AWESOME for you and the team.

Thank you to all our amazing customers and supporters. We are so blessed to have you all.
We are unfortunately at full capacity for this year.
We have some exciting things lined up for the new year that we can’t wait to share with you all but first we need to finish of our current orders and enjoy a much needed break with our loved ones.
These embroidered sleeve hoodies have become really popular. 

📧 info@promoprinting.net.au
We work with our clients to find the right solution and colour. 

Thank you VDMC Electrical Solutions for your continued support 

📧 info@promoprinting.net.au
Black on black. It is getting more and more popular.
So many colours to choose from. We also have these in hi-vis colours and railway compliant colours.

Cute shirts for Stuart’s grandchildren. The perfect addition for their Christmas photo shoot .

📧 info@promoprinting.net.au
Silly season count down.