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It is all about you – We do what we do, just for you

We connect you with your brand and customers by printing your logo on blank apparel items. Let your branded apparel do their work while you are out and about – be that walking billboard without saying a word.  It doesn’t matter if you are a one man band, a small business with just a few staff members or a massive corporate corporation, we cater for you all.

Do you remember the first time you put your business branded uniform on, that sense of confidence and belonging?  Pass that feeling onto your staff members nothing better than feeling like you are part of a team.

We love bringing teams and communities together by printing awesome inspiring event shirts. You will be amazed at how wearing the same team shirts can boost your energy and team spirit.

Most importantly we want you to feel confident and comfortable in what you wear.  We have a huge range on blank products available.  We ought to have a style, size and colour that will tickle your fancy.

At Promo Printing we make the process of ordering your branded apparel hassle free. Our aim is to deliver quality apparel and prints that you will love to wear.

We enjoyed making these.
Creating memories.

These girls won’t forget their trip. A little keepsake creating by us. 

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Are you a pink or no pink person? 

There are so many different shades of pink. Musky, Light, Hot, neon, rose and the list goes on. 

If you had to get pink shirts printed will you go with black or white print?
It’s fun doing personalised prints.
Creating memories

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Bucket hats anyone. 
Go for a lighter colour and it won’t attract the sun. 

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Not sure what to give your clients? How about some embroidered towels? 

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How to keep cool during these hot days?
Go for a light coloured hat it won’t attract the sun.
Hi-vis vests, shirts and hoodies, we can print and embroider on them all.

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