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Direct to garment (DTG) Printing

DTG Printing uses inkjet technology to print high quality full colour and photographic prints directly on to a t-shirt or  high cotton cotent material.

DTG printing machines have massive colour mixing potential, allowing them to print tiny details. This makes them suitable for designs or artwork that would normally be considered too complex for other screen-printing methods.

DTG is also the best option for small print runs (1-5 t-shirts).

Pros of direct-to-garment printing

No colour restrictions: You can print with as many colours as you want!

Time efficient: You can have a shirt printed in less than 30 minutes.

Comfortable: As DTG machines inject ink directly into the fabric, you won’t feel the print on the garment.

Cons of direct-to-garment printing

DTG printers are designed to print only on fabrics with high amounts of cotton (preferably 100%) The more cotton a shirt has, the more vivid the colours will be.

We also use our direct to garment printers to print on calico cotton bags

If you are feeling creative and would love to see your fully coloured printed designs on t-shirts email us and we can make it happen for you. info@promoprinting.net.au